GTO is a national society that was born more than 10 years ago to gather dental technicians that interest of orthodontic technique together. The society’s characteristic is the division of the activity and of the consequent positions into two levels:

- A National level, represented by an executive committee, that runs and represents the society.

- A Regional level, composed by managers of the region appointed by the executive committee and coordinated in their activities by the National vice-president.

GTO’s activity is steered principally to the widespread diffusion of orthodontic culture, so that it arranges two great national meetings, where all the best national and international speakers have attended and, whit their philosophy, have created the orthodontics’ history.

Besides, GTO arranged local meetings in almost all of Italian Regions to create aggregation whit the help of their own managers of the region. Here the registered members, associated in groups of study, present the results of their research or their professional experiences. Sometimes this meetings are doing at the School, so as to bring neo- graduate near to orthodontic technique.
In the last years, special committees and experts’ boards have been constituted in order to give informations at 360 degrees and to analyse thoroughly the diverse regulations that regulate the activity of dental technician. Besides, GTO undertakes to improve the profession of orthodontist, both to the cultural point of view, and to the company point of view, giving lessons of Marketing and Personnel Management
With this, we try to give the maximum of the service that a society have to give to its own members.


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